Tube Laser Cutting

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Tube Laser Cutting System

ITM now offers Laser Cut Tube components from our dedicated rotary axis Tube Laser Cutting machine. Our Tube Laser Cutter now opens up design opportunities that were previously considered too difficult. Suitable for both small batches or large runs, the Tube Laser Cutter has made jobs quick, easy, accurate and cost effective. The Tube Laser Cutter is perfect for light metal thin wall round tubes up to 120mm diameter.
Starting with a bundle of tube, all the work processes are done automatically within the system: selection of individual stock lengths, measurement, feeding, 3D cutting and unloading of the finished piece. Part programming is done through CAD-CAM software linked with Solidworks or similar 3D model drawing packages. The combination of tube laser cutting with our other services such as Mandrel Bending and Robotic Welding allows for endless possibilities for the customer.
Please contact one of our experienced customer service staff to discuss your tubular requirements.